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Our Services

Credit Services

With our expertise we have helped our clients delete thousands of derogatory accounts from their credit reports.

Fraud Protection

Protect your accounts from fraudulent activity and fight back fraud and get your credit back

Homebuyer Consultations

Don't let Credit dictate your new home buying experience. We'll take a second look at your pre-qualification!

Our Simple Process

Leave Credit Repair up to US to put you on the path to improved Credit with our proven Process

Connect with our Expert Credit Advisors and Repair your Credit Today!

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Our Process

Refrain from answering to any type of collection communication.  Specifically, avoid responding to collectors’ letters whether in writing or verbally without informing us.   Collection companies send these letters, to update your current personal information and attempt to collect debt, however, in some cases, they may not be entitled to.  Thus, if your financial situation permits, please try and pay all or some of your credit cards down below 25% of the available limit within 30 days after our services have begun.

Henskis credit services are unique individualized financial plans that will target your credit problem areas.  Our customized services encompass numerous effective tools such as personal credit dispute letters that will properly represent your credit cases.

The Henskis credit service objective is to empower you to achieve an excellent credit score that can improve and allow for various financial endeavors.  Let us help you with the proper financial resources that will boost your credit score for a better buying power.  Our service is backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee to improve your predetermined middle score.

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee